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When purchasing or putting up a building, it is essential that you procure the services of a building inspector. This will safeguard your investment from risks that could cost a lot much later. At Building Inspector Guys we guarantee you professional building inspection services. Call us 888-492-5358 to get more details about our building inspection services. Our comprehensive inspection and report system will provide you with the most important information about your building.


Peace of mind

Our building inspection is thorough and entails a visual analysis of the building structure as well as the systems in it. Building Inspector Guys ensures that any major defects found on the building are reported. All other areas that may be faulty or unsafe are also highlighted in our reports ensuring that you know your buildings condition very well before moving in or leasing it out. Talk to us on 888-492-5358 for more information about what our inspection process looks like. We assure that by having us inspect your building, you will have ushered yourself into a world of great peace knowing that your building is safe and hit for habitation.


More than structural inspection

At Building Inspector Guys we not only conduct inspections on your building structure but also on the exterior and interior. We also get to check your roof, foundation, and drainage system. For more on this call 888-492-5358 and talk to us about the areas we inspect. We offer these inspection services in one package and dont charge extra for roof, foundation or exterior inspection. This is definitely a deal you cannot miss!

Call us today on 888-492-5358 for the best building inspection services at affair price. We pride in the safety of all our customers building and we will be more than glad to add you to our list of customers.

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Having been around for a long time, Building Inspector Guys has expert building inspectors. We are a registered and licensed building inspection company with some of the top rated inspectors working with us.

Their expertise has helped them over the years to be able to pick issues that your ordinary building inspector would miss. This quality has earned us a good name when it comes to building inspection. Talk to us 888-492-5358 to learn more about our employees portfolios and work experience. All our inspectors are well able to recognize clues that could indicate moisture, floods, or storm damage. They will also go all the way to advise you on the severity of any damage found.


There are many building inspection companies that offer the services across the country. Every building inspector uses their own method of inspection and reporting, some of which may be hard to understand for someone who is not a building inspector. At Building Inspector Guys we use a detailed yet very easy to understand method. We also offer a clear verbal explanation and digital report. Call us 888-492-5358 for the most detailed building inspection. Our digital reports come with digital colored pictures that help you understand more of what is being reported.

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